JSPlatform is a web operating system

JSPlatform is a web operating system that is running inside a web browser. It's scope is to provide a desktop in the browser space, where programmers can deploy applications and users can run them.

Although JSPlatform was originally designed to run on every browser, because of browser capabilities and amount of cool features that could not be implemented because of the cpu usages, memory consumptions and other factors, JSPlatform is now only 100% compatible with the Google Chrome / Chromium / Safari web browsers.


Main projects used to develop JSPlatform are:

Other projects used by other applications running under JSPlatform:


Rich set of UI Controls

  • Dialog windows:
    JSPlatform Dialog Window
  • Dialog Toolbars and Menus:
    Toolbars and menus
  • Themes, css skinable
  • User customisable desktop workspaces, including: wallpaper, background color, icons on the desktop can be renamed, etc
  • Color Picker
    Customize desktop
  • Date Pickers
    * which supports date formatting just like mySQL compatible DATE_FORMAT function
    Date Picker
  • Progress bars with customizeable label formatting
  • Property grid - an interface control which makes forms creation a snap
    It's configuration can be taken from a JSON structure, ideal for AJAX forms
    Property grid
  • Tab panels
    Tab Panel
  • Splitter Panel
    Let users of your application to optimize their workspace area, and never have problems with screen resolution. A splitter panel is a holder wich can hold another controls, and can split it's regions vertically and horizontally theoretically in an infinite splits
    Splitter panel
  • Grids (Tables):
    DataGrid - simple to use, designed for max 2-3000 rows of data displaying
    - Columns Resizeable
    - Sortable
    - Supports data selection (one at a time, multiple)
    - Inline cell editing
    HyperDataGrid - ideal for 1 - millions of rows
    - Columns / Rows Resizeable
    - Columns (multiple columns) sortable
    - Supports data selection (one at a time, multiple)
    - Supports row / column hiding
    - Supports lazy inserting - Supports native exporting into CSV / Excel formats
  • Keyboard features:
    Keyboard accelerators
    Window switching (Similar like alt + tab in other os)
    Cycling focus policy inside of a dialog
  • 2 ways of code execution: Developer mode, and production mode
  • Code editor via the Ace Editor (previously known as bespin)
  • Ajax Uploader ( valums file uploader )
  • Google Maps integration, supports also map saving as bitmap file
  • Pixlr editor integration
  • Volume-like inputs vertical and horizontal
  • Context menu support
  • Drag and drop support, via 3 easy to use interfaces: Dragable, Droppable, Sortable
  • Tons of helper functions
  • Trees
    - sorting
    - drag and dropping, sorting
    - customizeable icons
    - guidelines

Other cool stuff

Multi-session, but also multi user

Integration with other authentication technologies, such as LDAP

Easy to manage, via JSPlatform Management Console. You can easily create groups, roles, users and application policies, which will make your applications more secure, more robust, and more easy to modify in the future

Fast interface

Because the applications are receiving 99% of data from server, they are very responsive, and they are transfering the "view" and the "model" logic to the client browser. Server-side programming is very simple and intuitive, and data outputing is in JSON format -- easy to debug, lightweight, and easy to understand concepts.

Corporate designed

Thouthands of users have been tested this web operating system either believing they are operating on a backend interface, either believing they are working via a magic "remote desktop" system, on top of a desktop operating system.

All of them said: Good Work! ;) It's not that we are saying great stuff about ourselves, but it's what others are saying.

What is hilarious is that this site is built on other technologies, such as JQueryUI, which in our opinion is a frontend framework, and not a backend one - like JSPlatform, which is why we can only supply you with screenshots.

Please join us!


This section is intentionately left at the end

You can contribute to the JSPlatform in more ways than you can imagine


In order to know what we're planning to do with JSPlatform, take a look at documentation of our project called OneDB - a web CMS + IDE + Database for all things that are passing through your head you can do in a web browser

Read OneDB documentation from here